Team Brandon Challenge

Take the Team Brandon Challenge and help fundraise for The Next Step Foundation. Raise a minimum of $250 and your team will be awarded with 5 free race entries. View setting up a fundraising team below and get your team started today.

The fundraising team with the highest donation will be recognized as a part of the award ceremony with a prize for each team member.

Participating as a team without fundraising

The initial member registering for the race will be able to create their team during race registration. Additional members will then select their team from the team dropdown.

Setting up a fundraising team

Do not initially register for the race and instead go to the sponsor form to get started recruiting donors/sponsors.

View beneficiary under things to know for information you can share about Team Brandon and The Next Step Foundation to help you with your fundraising efforts.

Once you have completed fundraising, submit your team’s sponsor form by mail or email and mail checks as indicated at that bottom of the form.

Upon receipt of your qualifying submittal, The Next Step Foundation will issue a promo code to you by email, good for five free race entry registrations that you and your team will then use to register into the race.

All donations made as a part of the Vow to Drive Sober® Run Team Brandon Challenge will help special needs families obtain running chairs, spread the Vow to Drive Sober® message about the life-altering effects of drinking & driving, and inspire families to get healthy by creating more stimulating environments for their loved ones.

Competing as a team

Each team member’s race result will indicate their team name, so you do not need to compete or qualify for team results to be recognized as a team.

To compete, you must have at least five members in the same race category. Your team can compete in multiple race categories by having at least five members in each. Combo pack team members count once in each race category.

A team qualifies for group race results in a race category when it has at least five members with valid race results. That team’s top five qualifying members in the race category are used to compute the team’s overall placement.

Team up with a special needs athlete

If you would like to learn about pushing/assisting a special needs athlete on race day, contact Cari @ 602-619-5558.